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Road America 3.6

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Road America 3.5

Track converted by Albert Mcsaltens to AC
From Rfactor Slimjim's version.

-Jim Lloyd
-Dazzy B

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Albert McSaltens
File size
197.9 MB
First release
Last update
4.71 star(s) 153 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Road America

    Changelog: Fixed Collision mesh (now completely hidden and tyres included) Added extra FPS...
  2. Road america

    Changelog: Fixed UV mapping on dynamic groove (now looks more natural - no sharp edges) Updated...
  3. Road America

    Fixed the error with those gigantic cones.
  4. Road America

    Changelog 3.4 - Vegetation polished ( bushes thru walls fixed ) - New road texture
  5. Road America

    Changelog 3.3: -New hill Terrain textures -added vegetation (still wip) -Added ai fix from...

Latest reviews

It is awesome
thank you very much.
Great Work, Thanks!!
Driven in SRS(20Mins) and Rennsimulanten (1:30H races) and makes a ton of fun. Looks just awesome. Very fun with Corvette DP <3
Great job, many thanks
nice track nice mod thanks
Pretty good!
please update speedville Bridge texture, sol mod is crash.
writes that the archive is damaged, but from your site I downloaded other mods everything was fine
excellent !
Great! Thnx
Awesome work ...Thank you
Track ensures fun. I just quote that one or another snippet seems heavier (fps).
Great job ! many thanks.
Anyone who complains about FPS drops need to stop complaining . Shoving details to max on a 1060 will not cut it. You have to buy the expensive video card upgrade to do that. Please. Run all the game settings as low as they will go. Now it runs great. Start adding one tick at a time until your card starts choking. Find the weakness settings usually reflection or max shadow. A 1080 with an old Sandy Bridge i5 CPU races great on it in card heavy VR. Steady 90fps MIN with 20 percent or more headroom. Get a card.
Good track but the straight in the woods needs optimization - fps drops to 30 and it's hard not to crash. I have GTX1060 and i5-4670K.
vraiment du très beau travail.Merci,Thanks
nice track
Um belo autodromo
Very nicely done. Doesn't look like an rFactor track.
Thank you Sean, it did work with 7zip for me finally.
I had major issues trying to extract this file, I've never had so many problems trying to extract any file from Racedepartment before this. I finally got it extracted by downloading and using the latest version of 7zip, give it a try for yourself.
Can't comment on the track. Can only say this is the only arcive I have ran across that I can not extract.
Looks very good but it has noticeable fps loss comparing to the kunos traks. If you optimize that, 5 stars.
wow. just wow. road america. and me. don't need to make it great again. its great already. im touching myself. thank u.
Another awesome track in my collection, thx!
Terrific version of Road America.
After doing a couple of AI GT3 races around the track I'm happy to report that the AI is very fun and competitive. Track details are very nicely done and it is of very high quality. A must have mod.
Awesome! Great Job! Thank you so much!!
Tried severall times to download but unable to open the file. Corrupt :: tried 3 different browsers and disabled all protection but nothing helps. I someone can help
Albert McSaltens
Albert McSaltens
update your winrar
If anyone gets a 'corrupt archive' response with Winrar try 7zip instead, that little problem aside it's a fantastic track, great fun to drive and just feels right. Great work.
nikel merci