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Road America 2.5.2 2.9.1 fixed bumps

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New update on the Road America originally converted from RFactor by
Albert and Aspec
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Latest updates

  1. version 2.9 fixed bumps

    - Fixed bumps on the main straight
  2. Road America

    Changes: -New Kerb at turn1 exit, now more realistic,( be carefull) -Extended Kerb at the exit...
  3. Road America 2.6 update

    - Added ·3d Grass - Some Kerb extensions Added

Latest reviews

work perfect,just the map,soing but the car out of track.but it's great track,i have tested it.
Excellent track, looks great and drives nicely, but AI is not working, perhaps it broken after a recent update?
Albert McSaltens
Albert McSaltens
no idea, i abandoned working on tracks, but i think this version is older, look for Road america 3.4 Fixed
Excellent work, looking forward to further updates!
Thank you, one of my favorites :)
Victor M Fernandez
I love driving in this track, thank you
Albert McSaltens
Albert McSaltens
Go get Road america 3.1 is the lastest verison
WIP i know - but a great track to drive :) Few minor;

1) AI wont overtake each other / follow in a line
2) Track map
3) Tarmac seems to bright - personal opinon, but think it would look better a bit darker. (have read other comment)

Really like it, can see the potential - keep up the great work Albert and thank you very much :)
Albert McSaltens
Albert McSaltens
About the road surface too bright, i dont use Post processing so maybe that is the issue that i see it fine.
but do you guys see it too bright when the sun reflects on it? or all the time?
Thx a lot,
I love this track, and it turns better and better.....
Realy good now
very nice thx :)
One of my favorite tracks, great flow, nice scenery.. Bravo!
Btw, what do you think about trying to make the road darker? Maybe the filters I use are too bright, but the road is almost white sometimes.
Albert McSaltens
Albert McSaltens
im not sure, if you see real life track the road is almost white
You are doing a great job with one of America's greatest tracks! Keep it going! :)
Many half trees and looping textures.
I didnt like it before the last dowload. On my opinion, it was not that pretty, but now its better so far. The trees are cool on each sides of the road. On my computer the field could be better, this is the only thing i would improve. But anyway, i got fun on it. Good job and ty !
Albert McSaltens
Albert McSaltens
What do you mean by the Field?
Fantastic track , thanks guys for the update ! :)
Great track. Very fun. The best version of Road America as of now.
Grat thanks
Very good track, really enjoy that it's available for AC.
Driven other 'buggy' versions of this circuit - this is the best one to date. I just wish you'd included distance markers rather than small cones that are difficult (for me) to see so I have to look for other visual brake points. But great circuit - thanks
Looks great thanks.
One of my favourite tracks from forza 4
Albert McSaltens
Albert McSaltens
not from forza
Awesome update.... :)

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