Riverside v1_0 by Thunderace 2014-09-25

Riverside California

  1. Dennis Phelan
    Riverside Raceway 1970 GTR2 track version 1.4

    Date: 2007/07/14
    Author: Kimmo Kokkonen
    e-Mail: keni1@kolumbus.fi

    NOTE: if you have older version of Riverside Raceway 1970 GTR2 track installed, you should at first remove it. You also should remove old Riverside70.hat file from 'C:\GTR2\UserData\LOG\HAT' folder!!!

    1. Unzip Riverside_GTR2_1.4.zip
    2. Copy folder 'Riverside70' to 'C:\GTR2\GameData\Locations\ folder.
    3. If previous version was used before, delete .HAT-File in C:\GTR2\UserData\LOG\HAT
    4. Start GTR2 game
    5. Enjoy!

    Information about the track
    Riverside Raceway was a real race track in California, United States.

    Converted from Nascar Legends/N2003 to GTL/GTR2 by Kimmo Kokkonen.
    Original Nascar Legends version made by Papyrus.

    - night lights
    - starting & pit lights
    - animated marshals
    - rain reflection

    What's new in v1.4?
    - starting grids
    - asphalt,grass and sand -> new textures + surface spec & bump maps
    - new horizon
    - all trees removed

    Thank's to:
    derDumeklemmer for GTL/GTR2 loading screens , AI fix - BIG thank's to you Uwe!!!
    Luigi for cams
    MotorFX for his kind help with the tower object

    Thank's to all who helps me with this project!



    Use these files at your own risk. I am not responsible of any kind of damage caused by using the files inside this Riverside_GTR2_1.4.zip

    (C) 2007 Kimmo Kokkonen

Recent Reviews

  1. Tony Dean
    Tony Dean
    Version: 2014-09-25
    Thanks another old favourite of mine, nicely done. Good fun to drive in overpowered cars
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