Rivali Tempo 4.5

Online live timing, delta, steam friends

  1. softgrip
    I was inspired by RSR Live Timing which I could not get to work when the Early Release was first out. Although competitors/rivals, I have a great relationship with RSR, sharing code and discussing our mods.

    Rivali Tempo
    rivalitempo-country.png rivalitempo-steam.png rivalitempo-world.png


    Current features
    • View your times and disqus them, cars and tracks online.
    • Re-sizable interface.
    • Leaderboard - top 3 + next fastest and next slowest.
    • Steam friends leaderboard.
    • Check steam friends online.
    • View your lap performance deltas online and compare it with others.
    • Dynamic leaderboards streamed to client (currently world, country and steam friends - more will be added to the server - there should be no need for a client update).
    • Splits and diffs.
    • Current lap.
    • Improved lap invalidation - uses the same type of detection as AC which means things like the ripple strips on Vallelunga hairpins will not invalidate your lap. I changed this from the 4 dirty tyres method as it feels more natural and correct - instead of getting a surprise when you have obviously travelled an appropriate line.
    • Preset (pro/racer/custom etc) independent - you can set a time with pro and custom and they will both be recorded.
    • Leaderboard takes tyre choice into consideration. You can set a lap with each tyre choice independently.
    • Can be filtered by country.

    Main timing site is here

    Installation instructions:
    Extract to your Assetto Corsa folder.

Recent Reviews

  1. Aslambek
    Version: 4.5
    Good job
  2. Quattr0
    Version: 4.5
    Just made the game 100% more interesting!
  3. Wizbiscuit
    Version: 4.5
    Excellent, love these type of apps...
  4. Akis
    Version: 4.5
    Great app, great site! A MUST HAVE!
  5. Eric Bergeron
    Eric Bergeron
    Version: 4.4
    excellent work ! thanks