RIR 1980s v1.4 for rFactor

RIR 1980s v1.4 for rFactor Version 1.6

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Truly a large part of a bygone era, RIR was one of the greatest race tracks ever created. The best drivers of their time competed (and some died) at World-Class events there. RIR appeared in numerous movies and TV shows over the years and had many celebrity drivers / visitors. It was considered a challenge just to stay on the track; winning a race was incredibly difficult and several legendary drivers lost their lives in the attempt.
I grew up in the high desert approximately 80 miles from RIR, so it has always been somewhat near and dear to me and I never felt that existing iterations of RIR for the any of the Sims truly captured it's essense. My primary goal was to recreate the original terrain topography and track elevations as accurately as possible and, give or take a few feet or so here & there, I feel that I have been successful. Having been to RIR several times, I have seen its many changes and I remember each era's iconic features, so I elected to avoid being limited to a certain year's appearance and have instead included my favorite features from the 1970s to the late 1980s.


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As a pavement short track racer, I've not run too many road courses. But as a fan of Can-Am and Trans-Am, (and an admirer of Dan Gurney), I've recently started to run more mods that go left and right. I've always been intrigued by RIR and your track has given me an education of just how tough, but also fun, this joint was! THANKS!!
Thanks Bob. RIR is one of my all-time favorite tracks. I had a great time recreating it, and I hope to update this rendition after my skills have improved.
I used to race there in the mid 70s to 80s, probably my favorite track, the long one. It is criminal to see that the the outlet/mall thing that they built is supposedly going bankrupt, such a waste of history. Thank You for your work!!!!
I feel your pain, sir. I was STUNNED when RIR was demolished so that another crappy mall could be built and eventually go broke. It should have been declared a landmark or some other type of "protected" status but, as a culture, we appear to have little regard for history.
Can we get this in Automobilista, pretty please with sugar on? I hear rFactor 2 was coming, AMS is the only one without your wonderful work in it.
Thanks for your enthusiasm but I have not done a conversion to Automobilista YET. It may be quite a while...
Thank You
I am especially happy to give back to contributors to the Sim community like you Durge. Enjoy it!
See you next Fall! I'm going to be quite busy!!!! Hallelujah!
Thanks Gary, you know my affinity for this hallowed ground...with these three versions of the track and the multitude of historic mods...I really need nothing else...

Thank-you for high amount of loving attention you have given this project, only someone like your self who has walked these now gone grounds can understand how we feel about Riverside.

I am beside my self with anticipation...
Have fun with it Bill! Thanks again for your help, contributions and encouragement.

Be sure to take a look at the new "smoothing" option for T6 and T8 and then let me know which one you prefer and/or is more accurate. As I said in the readme; I don't let like revisionist smoothing of old tracks but I am not very impressed with rFactor's washboard effect.
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