Right-hand Drive Satsuma [PLUGIN]

Right-hand Drive Satsuma [PLUGIN] v. 2.3.2

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This mod converts the Satsuma to RHD while offering its full functionality. If you want to feel British or JDM or whatever, this is the mod for you.


Update 28.7.2018

- Fixed the new tachometer position

How to install:
1. Install MSCLoader (0.4.1 or newer)
(Download: https://github.com/piotrulos/MSCModLoader/releases)
2. Unpack contents of RightHandDrive.rar into your Mods folder using WinRar
3. If a window pops up, select "Replace file in directory"

Make sure your MSCLoader is active in the game!!

This mod should be compatible with all latest versions of the game. Experimental included. Cracked games using older versions are not supported.

Known issues:
- Wiring is not adjusted for the RHD dash
- To load installed dashboard covers (i.e. Leopard, Zebra pattern) you need to reload the game.
- The right side mirror shows the image of the left mirror

Latest updates

  1. Compatibility Fix

    Compatibility fix for the latest experimental branch
  2. Some fixes

    Fixed some bugs caused by changes by the game update: - The stock seatbelt was fixed. Before...
  3. Version 2.3 - New Experimental Support

    Fixed the new tachometer position
  4. Update 9.6.2018

  5. Update 9.4.2018

    - Wipers flipped to sit like on a conventional RHD car - Fixed pedal throttle that was...

Latest reviews

"Error: Mod RightHandDrive thow en error! Details: Object reference not set to an instance of an object in Void OnLoad()" how can I fix this?
Gauges are at right, but steering wheel are at left
Please make it work for 2020 and fix the seat belt and pedals
good mod from what i see from the pictures doesn't quite work properly the dash and such move to the right side but the wheel and pedals remain on the left side, might be new updates breaking it
when i load the game save in the steering wheels is still on the left and my dashboard screws buttons and everything is messed up
the steering wheel is still on the left...what am i doing wrong? the cluster is on the right side ;-)
its very cool
I did everything according to the instructions, but every time (on any save or on an absolutely new game) I get a "Error: Mod RightHandDrive thow en error! Details: Object reference not set to an instance of an object in Void OnLoad()" how can I fix this?
Sorry for my English. I am writing this through Google translation
Very good mod, but does it support your Right Hand Satsuma mod?
so umm latest experimental makes the mod throw an error "Object refference not set to an instance of an object in Void OnLoad()"
this mod is great! but when i have too many mods the right hand drive breaks but not error, so fix it.

(sorry poor english)
This Mod is very awesome but steering wheel comes to left hand
please fix it
I'm not sure what's wrong here. Do you have the latest version of the game? Can you give a list of mods you have installed? Write in the Feedback and Support Thread (button on the left of the page).
works mint no problems, bit weird to get your head round at first if you have played LHD for a while
Top work! nice job
it looks fantastic especially since i live in the UK but when i load up the game the loader says error right hand drive has thrown void load errors
Fantastic mod, wouldn't play the game without it
i Have Seen reviews of this and think it's amazing however when i try to download it it says the file is damaged any help?

This is a problem with RaceDepartment, not me. Very unfair to give me 3 stars because of this.

Otherwise, please try downloading again. It works fine for me and everybody else.
oh perkile i loved it
Perfect mod, fits perfectly with the license plate mod, I created a pure JDM with right-hand drive and japanese license plate.
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