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Right Hand Drive Hayosiko 1.1

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interior shot-min.png
Makes the Hayosiko (the van) right hand drive.
it has working seatbelts, radio

=Known issues=
-leaning left and right may end up kinda wierd

sock- me, the creator of this mod
wolf_vx- coding help
martythegamer- inspiration from right hand drive satsuma
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Latest updates

  1. light button fix

    the light switch has now been moved to its correct position

Latest reviews

Thank you I from the UK so thx
Please make it so the side door is on the drivers side.
Or make a mod with double side doors
What about the new "every car has adjustable side windows" update? the right side doesnt have windows but the left has
Always want the right hand drive in the van
What are the odds? Today in the morning around midnight I've thought about a Hiyasko whatever: Being right hand drive. And here I'am now. Fantastic.
Japanese Van?
Right Hand Drive?
Yeah we got a JDM van!
Amazing, Now That The Right Hand Drive Mod For Satsuma Is Updated I Can Use My Mod My British Car, Without Driving On The Wrong Side. Thanks!
still make counters in vehicles in miles
soccimus prime
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