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Ride 3 Yamaha R1M Movistar V.Rossi replica racing livery 2019-01-14

Ride 3 Yamaha R1M Movistar V.Rossi replica racing livery

  1. Dogface
    Livery for Yamaha R1M (racing version) Movistar Yamaha Motogp team replica (V.Rossi) by request.
    **Know issue, if you install this mod the sticker "the doctor" remains in all three race livery models.


    1. Desktop Screenshot 2019.01.14 -
    2. Desktop Screenshot 2019.01.14 -
    3. Desktop Screenshot 2019.01.14 -
    4. Desktop Screenshot 2019.01.14 -
    5. Desktop Screenshot 2019.01.14 -
    6. Desktop Screenshot 2019.01.14 -
    7. moddddd.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. Alex Marlboro
    Alex Marlboro
    Version: 2019-01-14
    Love that Galouises Rider Skin
  2. pepe1414
    Version: 2019-01-14
    NICE ONE!!! Thanks
    1. Dogface
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the rating!!
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