Ride 2 Race Visors 1.0

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  1. Aaron Smythe
    Ride 2 Race Visors

    Now having Motogp Race Tracks , thanks to Rez . Now we have Reflective (tearoff) race visors for all helmets .
    How to Install --

    With Mixfile Remixer programme navigate to Ride 2 / Charaters / Rider / RiderRacing

    Select RiderRacing mixfile and load it into File remixer programme

    Extract using Remixer to desktop or wherever you want to navigate to .

    Navigate through the extracted folder 'CHARACTERS' RIDER / RIDERRACING / HELMETS / PICTURES

    Paste modifeid Files (Visors) into the pictures Folder.

    REMIX back to over write 'RiderRacing' mixfile .

    All the helmets will have race visors on the SECOND selected Visor in the line up of visors in the game (except Shoei) .
    All the Shoei Helmets have race visors on the FIRST visors in the line up of the visors in the game . Ride2X64 2017-07-29 21-38-01-53.jpg Ride2X64 2017-07-29 21-57-42-33.jpg Ride2X64 2017-07-29 22-20-07-46.jpg

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  1. ReZ
    Version: 1.0
    very nice work