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Ride 2 New Camera Mod pack 2017-03-18

New angles and POV for new experience

  1. swaty
    Ride 2 new camera views

    Since i made one for Motogp, thought id try something for ride 2. Here is what has changed (SUPERBIKE CAMERAS only)
    • Ground Cam --> Lowered
    • Cockpit Cam --> Same
    • Cockpit Cam with helmet --> New First person view
    • Third person Near--> Closer up remastered
    • Third person Mid --> Closer up remastered +1
    • Third person Far --> Mid goofy

    As always:

    Back up original data.mix, and replace with the downloaded version.

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Recent Reviews

  1. SA_VV_AS
    Version: 2017-03-18
    Very good feeling
  2. Philipp Steindl
    Philipp Steindl
    Version: 2017-03-18
  3. boos
    Version: 2017-03-18
    very good