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Ricky Capo's AGT Z4 GT3

Ricky Capo's AGT Z4 GT3 1

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Awesome skin! Love to see a AGT skin on here it'd be awesome to see some more, perhaps like the STM AMG GT
Nice Skin,Thanks
Thanks for the skin. It really does look amazing both in and out of the race. :)
About that gloves/suit problem...
You have to use "2016_Gloves_DIFF.dds" and "2016_Suit_DIFF.dds" files instead of "DRIVER_Gloves.dds" and "DRIVER_Suit.dds". I believe file "DRIVER_Suit2.dds" is for pit crew, I see that you use that one.
Hope that help.

P.S. Helmet is just fine. :D
Thanks mate, I'll give that a go. I was going through all the other files trying to copy file names but none worked.
Many thanks!
very nice , thanks
very nice, ty! what track is that?