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RGV500R Team Lucky Strike -91 HD 1

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This is my attempt on the Lucky Strike skin for the RGV500R.
This is the skin based on the 91 machine. Hope you guys like it as much as the others.


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thanks this design is very nice my favorite Kevin
Just love your work buddy! Absolutely brill! If you dont mind me asking would there be any chance of the West logos etc on Loris Capirossi's bike? :) Would be much appreciated but if not then dont worry about it I know how hard it can be! :)
Thanks for those words!
I actually have the West bike ready for release, i will post it today :-)
Great Work, top quality texture i was really dissapointed with the default RGV from game in terms of quality and realism. This is a very realistical Suzuki paintjob, with a very high level of detail & quality. I Want to Thank you KennyBarroz for share your genious work..
Thank you for your honest and polite comment. I take it with pride.
I will try and do more in the future, just send me request if there is something special and i can see what i will do :-)