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rF2 Shared Memory Tools for Developers v3.7.15.0

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Please find rF2 Shared Memory Tools for Developers.

This plugin writes out rF2 internals into shared memory buffers. Monitoring tool is also included. You could build things using this plugin in C# (sample included) and other languages without adding new plugin to rF2, thus saving system resources. Another use of this plugin is if you simply would like to understand rF2 internal state better, think of included Monitor as kind of visual debugger.

This plugin is currently in use by:
Note to Crew Chief users: do not download this, use the version that comes with the Crew Chief.

See readme on Github for more info

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Latest updates

  1. 03/09/2023 - v3.7.15.0

    Expose new rF2 data (battery stuff). Thanks to Seven Smiles for this update.
  2. 09/07/2020 - v3.7.14.2

    This version introduces input buffers. See "Input Buffers" readme section (on the Github) for...
  3. 11/10/2019 - v3.7.1.0

    Plugin: Expose UsubscribedBuffersMask via rF2Extended::mUnsubscribedBuffersMask. This can be...

Latest reviews

Good luck
Thanks buddy.
Excellent. As a Crewchief and SimHub user this is excellent. Also for my curiosity in testing Arduinos/Windows Apps with this, they are less painfull to access to rFactor information.
The Iron Wolf
The Iron Wolf
Thanks :)
It's easy to not be aware of the things running in the background that we kinda take for granted, but just imagine how much we owe to this piece of software.
The Iron Wolf
The Iron Wolf
Thanks Martin :) I am glad to help my favorite sim to evolve. rF2 internals model been pleasure to work with, and I am really looking forward for S397 to extend it past where ISI left off.
You got me ! I was about to release my simhub update, it will be delayed a little time to include this ! Thanks a lot ! From my first tests the new data looks perfectly working !
The Iron Wolf
The Iron Wolf
It's a joy to support someone with such an energy and dedication. Keep up the great work on the SimHub.
The best, if not the only way to get infos from RF2 !
Everybody has been recommending it to me a few months ago, it would be really hard to go back !
The Iron Wolf
The Iron Wolf
Thanks man :)
The Iron Wolf
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