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rF2 | MMO - Modern Multiclass Leaderboard/Standings/Relative Simhub

rF2 | MMO - Modern Multiclass Leaderboard/Standings/Relative Simhub 0.7.0

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This is my very first overlay. I wanted to have something that actually looks nice for rF2. I took the rF2 Simhub HUD LINK
and worked my way from there. The first result is here.

Please give it a test and report back with bugs. This is the very first version and needs some testing.


- GarySwallowPlugin


- Leaderboard is build to put into top left corner
- Two seperate Leaderboards for Race and all other sessions (Auto Display)
- Multiclass display (class colors, names and inclass position)
- Pit Status indicator
- Auto Collapse when within Top 10
- Flag Display
- Start Lights

- Last Pit Time display
- Position in Class
- Interval gaps for Race Leaderboard
- Last Laptime Popup
- Weather Widget
- Relative features (Pit Info)

Known Issues:
- Being P 9-10 will not bring up positions P11-12 behind
- People leaving the server will leave name, class and PIT badge behind
- I already talked to Gary to get more accurate to IRL car class colours. Its in the works and should be delivered with a plugin update (you can see them in the Screenshot below)
- We've found a bug that might **** up leader board driver names, which I experienced yesterday in the LMVC race. It's related to corrupt data by rF2 on online servers that might happen and how Garyswallow Plugin handles it. It will be fixed in the next plugin update
- people leaving a server might lead to double entries in the leaderboard

- If you dont see the overlay in race OR in practice, be aware that there are TWO seperate overlays for those sesssion. Simply put BOTH into your saved overlay ontop of each other and the correct one will show for the current session


- just extract and execute the simhub files within the zip
- If not already installed, download Gary Swallow plugin from HERE
- you need the GarySwallow.PluginSdk.dll (into Simhub root folder) and the GS - options folder into DashTemplates. Both are provided in the download linked above
- Activate the plugin in the Simhub settings

S397 Forum Link

Leaderboard (Race):


Latest updates

  1. 0.7.0

    - Relative: Fixed Car number showing in empty lines - Relative: Fuel level blinking when Laps...
  2. 0.6.0

    - Relative: Clock now in 24h format - Relative: fixed player class colour - Relative: Adjusted...
  3. 0.5.2

    - Fixed players class color on Realtive - Fixed players Best Lap on Leaderboard (hopefully)

Latest reviews

Really great overlay! I really like the look of this and it's perfect for multiclass racing. One question - My class colours are a little off and the legend doesn't display in the header. It's probably because I have some of the ByKolles LMP1 mods that just came out on the workshop throwing things off? In my relative and leaderboard some of the LMP1's and 2's are sharing the blue colour. And there is no colour/class legend in the header. Is there an easy way to fix it?
Hi Birner, Yes I do experience the same problems as you do. Its an issue with the current GarySwallow Plugin and is already fixed in internal testing. Once a new plugin version gets released, I will post an update here for everbody to notice. Unfortunately until then I cannot do much. Its how the plugin handles class information from rF2. And the rF2 data can be VERY ugly some times :D
Im glad you like it. That was the whole purpose to have something fancy AND useful

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