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rF1 - Duck Park - club race track 0.75b

2.50 km club race track

  1. Two
    Duck Park club race track was made entirely with BTB and one or more X-packs from this community. To use, unzip folder to your \rFactor\GameData\Locations directory.

    I do not know how to use 3d software, but I'm able to play with BTB and be able to make race tracks. Thanks Brendon!

    Here's a lap of my track as exported by rFactor's replay fridge:

    I'd like to have some track-side stuff, but I don't model, and I haven't seen items I like in xpacks I have, so it's just a bare race track right now.

Recent Reviews

  1. Erwin Greven
    Erwin Greven
    Version: 0.4 beta
    Track is good. Good flow. Good racing line.
    For trackside objects there are tutorials at this site to build your own objects.
    1. Two
      Author's Response
      Thanks for checking it out and for providing a review. I'm going to be looking into tutorials. — Cheers
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