rF GPK RedBull Ring 2022

rF GPK RedBull Ring 2022 1.2

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Grand Prix Karting Red Bull Ring 2022
The Red Bull Ring is one of the classics on the modern F1 calendar. It is build in 1969 as the Österreichring. In 1995 it is made shorter and renamed as the A1 Ring. The AI ring was closed in 2003 and reopen in 2011 as the Red Bull Ring. In 2022 the track has been adapted for Moto GP with an extra chicane. The track has huge elevation, long straight and just a few corners.
This Grand Prix Karting Red Bull Ring 2022 version has 6 layouts:
  • RedBull Ring GP
  • RedBull Ring MotoGP
  • RedBull Ring Nordschleife
  • RedBull Ring Sudschleife
  • RedBull Ring Westschleife
  • RedBull Ring Gesamtstrecke

Update version 1.2
In 2005 a design was made for a RedBull Ring Westschleife. Unfortunately, Red Bull was unable to purchase the land for it. This layout was never built. The update 1.2 has this Westschleife and a Gesamtstrecke, which is a combination of this Westschleife and the GP layout.

Installation notes
For installing the new 2022 version you don't have to delete the older versions GPK Red Bull Ring and GPK Steiermark.
If you have already installed the 2022 version and you want to install the update, you don't have to delete anything and only copy the folders RedBullRing10 and RedBullRing11 from the download.

Grand Prix Karting
Grand Prix Karting tracks are F1 tracks with the layout of the original F1 track but the size, look and feel of real world karttracks. No big runoff areas, but modern wide kerbs, pit not on the infield but on the outside of the track, and a pitbuilding which is also a grandstand. These tracks are not a resized conversion of existing tracks but scratch build. Not laser scanned (because they are fiction) but handmade, which was a bit of a challenge with some tracks with a lot of elevation in the track and the terrain surrounding the track.

rFactor Grand Prix Karting tracks are dedicated for karts and Assetto Corsa Grand Prix Karting tracks are dedicated for Formula Student.

Assetto Corsa Grand Prix Karting RedBull Ring

Grand Prix Karting Skins:

RedBull Ring 2022 01.JPG
RedBull Ring 2022 02.JPG
RedBull Ring 2022 03.JPG
RedBull Ring 2022 07.JPG
RedBull Ring 2022 08.JPG
RedBull Ring 2022 09.JPG

RedBull Ring 2022 10.JPG

RedBull Ring 2022 11.JPG

Latest updates

  1. rF GPK RedBull Ring Update

    Gesamtstrecke and Westschleife added

Latest reviews

Wow! I think this is the first rFactor 1 Red Bull Ring multi-layout version. GPK rules! (I'm looking for rF1 RB Ring version with more than just GP layout since a long time, but I don't think there exists any...)

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