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rF GPK Baku 2.0

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Grand Prix Karting Baku
Grand Prix Karting version of Baku street circuit

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The Track
Street circuits have their own peculiarities in Formula One. Monaco is one of the most popular Grand Prix on the calendar. Other major cities seem to be benefiting as well. In this way Baku tries to be the Monaco of Eastern Europe. With many long straights, a very long straight but also a slow section around a castle, Baku also has its own special character. This is the Grand Prix Karting version of Baku.

Update version 2.0
  • Track lights added
  • Track between turn 7 and 11 made smaller
  • A grand stand added after turn 16
  • Yacht Club into the sea added
Installation notes:
  1. Remove the folder Baku04 from rFactor/GameData/Locations/GPK
  2. Unrar the downloadfile
  3. Copy the folder Baku06 from the download to rFactor/GameData/Locations/GPK
With the track lights you can race day and night with working day to night and night to day transitions. For a 10 minutes race with starting time 14:00 set time scale to 60x and the lights will go on after 5 minutes.

Grand Prix Karting
Grand Prix Karting tracks are F1 tracks with the layout of the original F1 track but the size, look and feel of real world karttracks. No big runoff areas, but modern wide kerbs, pit not on the infield but on the outside of the track, not many grand stands but a pitbuilding which is also a grandstand. These tracks are not a resized conversion of existing tracks but scratch build. Not laser scanned (because they are fiction) but handmade, which was a bit of a challenge with some tracks with a lot of elevation in the track and the terrain surrounding the track. The Grand Prix Karting Baku track is different from all other Grand Prix Karting tracks. The others are somewhat in the middle between the original F1 circuit and a regular outdoor karting track. The Baku track is the original F1 track made smaller, with imagery buildings. The original buildings would not fit beside the smaller track.

Download Grand Prix Karting livery's (skinns for rFactor Rotax Max Mod):

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  1. rF GPK Baku

    Update version 2.0 Track lights added Track between turn 7 and 11 made smaller A grand stand...

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