review Subaru Impreza Sti N4 Yves Doha-Benoit Warzée rallye du Condroz 2012 1.1

subaru Yves doha Benoit Warzée

  1. pedro272
    news cars of updates ;-)

    Driver- Y.Doha
    Codriver- B.Warzée
    Cars-Subaru wrx Sti N4
    Rally- Rallye du condroz 2012

    extract the rar archive and copy the games in the root
    Replaces livery 2/7

    DiRT Rally 14-11-17 14_50_01.jpg DiRT Rally 14-11-17 14_50_30.jpg DiRT Rally 14-11-17 14_50_55.jpg DiRT Rally 14-11-17 14_51_17.jpg DiRT Rally 14-11-17 14_51_42.jpg
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  1. Andy Jobin
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    Version: 1.1
    Very different, thanx