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Reverse Layouts

Reverse Layouts v0.3

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1st Version of reversed layouts for

Assetto Corsa.

Just for fun, a small reminder of the time when the games gave us the opportunity to drive on the track in the opposite direction.
Obviously in real life, this would be impossible due to most circuits, since they are not designed to guarantee safety in the opposite direction to the usual one.

So let's take advantage of the opportunity that simulators give us to "take a walk" in the opposite way to the usual. Maybe we get some pleasant surprise ;)


- 9 New layouts add:
  1. Imola
  2. Laguna Seca
  3. Nordschleife Tourist
  4. Silverstone 67
  5. Zandvoort
  6. Magione
  7. Monza
  8. Mugello
  9. Spa
- All layouts come with at least one set of functional cameras.

- AI working but not the fastest one,it has only been created to allow the cameras to work ,so you can expect strange things.

- Supported hotlap mode.

Next updates:
-add layouts to the rest of original tracks
-fix cameras
-fix AI (change AI to a more competitive one)
-Add objects such as white lines of starting position,distance reference signs for braking..
and a couple more things



Version 0.2 :

New tracks added:

- Highlands (Long & short) 28 pits.
- Silverstone (all variants) 36 pits. Except national layout whit 27.
- Nurburgring (GP & GP Sprint) 28
- Vallelunga (all variants) 30 pits

-Updated "pit_lane.ai" of all tracks.
-Added new ia for Laguna Seca courtesy of @MeltFire thanks Again!
-Fixed error in Nordschleife Tourist cams.Thanks to @CobraCat for notice it!

The next version will update:

-Red Bull Ring will be added.

-Increase the number of pits to the previous circuits as far as possible, I want to avoid having to make 2 rows of cars) So do not expect a huge amount of pits

Any comments are welcome!
Greetings to all!!

Latest updates

  1. Reverse Layouts v0.3

    -Fixed Error in Laguna Seca. -Add one Start Position to Nords tourist Layout to avoid falling...

Latest reviews

thank you very very very much.
always wanted this in racing games
This is awesome! Great job.

Are you planning to do the remaining Highlands layouts at some points? Black Cat County perhaps? Fantasy tracks are great for reverse layouts since any real-world stuff doesn't apply, and they are public roads so they are supposed to be driven in both directions :)
Works great. Laguna Seca works fine for me in both directions. Looking forward to update on AI.
Been driving my tracks for years after taking out the wrong way icon. Couldn't do it with other cars or get a lap time. That's pretty awesome. Great job. It works.
Thanks, now I can't race on the normal Laguna Seca because this replaced the original layout :)
Awesome work! Radillon to Eau Rouge to La Source backwards is brutal, but damn does it feel good to pull off!
laguna reverse needs it's own folder within the main one. I've fixed it on my local if you want it.
Nice mod, but it's replacing the Laguna Seca track. The other tracks are added as a layout, not for Laguna Seca... Please fix!
Please help fix Laguna Seca!!!!!
Tell me, what problem do you have? :)
This breaks single player challenges.
strange, no original file is touched. I have not added anything other than the circuit itself.
Could you give us any more clues?
Excelent work! even more fun.
Absolutely fantastic! What a happy initiative, 5 stars.
exelente amigo
Great little add-on to the game!
THANK YOU very much for this! Love reverse layouts. Keep up the great work!! :D
Thank you for this great reverse track addon to the original Kunos tracks. Look forward to your other future updates for the original tracks. take care.
The most obvious extension to any racing simulator. Much needed, much appreciated!
Excellent!! Thank you!
Fantastic - many thanks! Looking forward to the updates.
Others already available:

Barcelona reverse layouts can be downloaded here:

Brands Hatch reverse here:
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