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Retrolux Reshade GTR2

Retrolux Reshade GTR2 1.4.1

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  • VR Preset: Adjusted sharpening settings to fit the changed shader
  • Updated to the latest VRToolkit shader v0.9.3-pre that contains a several additions and performance improvements
  • Adjusted Ambient occlusion look to be more subtle
  • Adjusted Reflections to be more subtle and to have less artifacts while using a bit more resources
  • VR Preset: Enabled diffusion noise to avoid banding on gradients
  • VR Preset: Adjusted sharpening settings to fit the changed shader
  • VRToolkit: Fixed issue not returing the alpha value correctly causing in some cases to have black screen.
  • VRToolkit: Fixed that the sharpening mask is properly used to reduce gpu processing
  • VRToolkit: Added mask smoothing which makes the edge less prominent to allow a lower circle radius setting
  • VRToolkit: Added dithering option to reduce banding effects on gradients etc. as suggested by Valve. (WIP)
  • Changed that unactive shaders are not loaded from the start and only the ones required for the preset. ( requires update of the reshade.ini)
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  • Updated VRToolkit to included sharpening mask to improve shader peformance by applying only sharpening on the center of the image. Thx to hfolger for the initial implementation.
  • Removed unneeded CinematicDOF shader from the preset
  • Added new VR Toolkit shader that is specialized to be used for VR. It combines shaders to be processed into a single pass to improve performance. Different Sharpening and color corrections can be selected.
  • Changed the VR preset to use the new VRToolkit shader.
  • Updated LUT.fx shader with slight peformance improvements
  • Changed Recommendation for the compability bit back to 0x00400000 as the diablo 3 one caused depth buffer issues.
  • Updated Reshade with latest changes from (24.05.2021)