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I have adjusted the look of the preview image for all the cars to correct some nitpicks I disliked of the original previews from Kunos.

The original previews from Kunos had a blue ambient light tint that distorted the car colors to much and the contrasts was to soft on some areas, especially the tires.

  • Changed Perspective to show more of the car details
  • Angled the front tires a bit to give it a more dynamic feel
  • Added extra lights to brighten up Serveral parts of the car
  • Removed the color tints of the light sources and reduced the overall ambient light.
  • Here and there some minor adjustments to let it look as natural as possible

Feel free to adjust this preset to your linking. :)

Easy Instructions:
  1. Use the pre-generated pack:
Advanced Instructions (Recommended):
  1. You need to install the asseto Content Manager to be able to update all car previews for asseto corsa.
  2. You can download the custom previrew file here at Racedepatment or use the following link to get the setup file:
  3. Place the file the downloaded file under %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\AcTools Content Manager\Presets\Custom Previews
  4. To generate them on the fly you need to go into menu "content" and select the "cars" tab. Select a random car and use the small arrow near the "update previews" button on the bottom.
  5. Choose this preset to get an realtime preview. The last setting that was shown in the realtime preview will be used when bulk generating all previews for the cars. Close the realtime preview.
  6. Click on a car name on the list on the left and press CTRL + A to select all cars and choose the desired action "Update Previews". You can also select a set of cars you want to update while holding SHIFT or CTRL like when selecting files in a file manager.
  7. This can take an hour. This depends on how powerful your computer is.
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Latest updates

  1. Peformance Update

    Version 1.1 Improved preview generation speed without a quality loss in the output image.

Latest reviews

Great, thanks a lot ! ;-)
有難う :)
Best preset ever.
Thanks mate :)
My god. It makes every single car look so beautiful. Kunos previews stand no chance at all. I have 1100 cars to update but I'm doing it all because they'll look so damn good. Thanks a lot. These are perfect.
Wow thanks for this awesome feedback. I am really happy that I shared this so others can enjoy it too. I've actually never initially planned to release this and build it to myself. I just wanted to remove the blue tint and the odd shading of the wheels and there it all started… :)
This is perfect. Exactly what I needed. Thanks for the effort.
Great! Thanks for your nice review. :)
Really brings out the colours and I it is a much nicer angle to see the cars. Nicely done!
Thanks, glad you like it :)
Thanks it´better now.
Absolutely gorgeous! At first, I wasn't exactly sure if I was going to like this preset. Not because of the quality - that's outstanding - it was because I never used an AC car preview preset that used the camera position in this Preset. I've warmed up to it...a lot! The processing time is greatly reduced with v1.1 and I can not tell a single difference. I'll post an example in the Support thread.
hehe at first I preserved the default camera perspective from kunos. But later on I felt that some cars did not show their proper characteristics from that low angle so I choose something different without strolling to far away from the original feel. Thanks for the great review!
Smallest file in the download section :p yet a great idea! Long indeed to process, but cars are looking much nicer, thanks!
Thanks the content manager dev for the idea and the ability to share those configs. Without it it would not be possible that easily :P. Glad you like the preset.
One of the best previews. Only the time to generate the previews is too long.
Thanks. Sadly its always a trade off between quality and speed. I can look into it to further optimize the speed without sacrificing the look. [Update]: found a performance improvement to speed it up significantly. Check out version 1.1
I like it at a good angle. I am using it immediately.
However, please clarify to which folder the file is to be installed.
Thanks for the hint. Totally forgot to add that in the instructions. Updated it now. You need to place it under %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\AcTools Content Manager\Presets\Custom Previews.
Looking a lot better than kunos - one, i have to change all previews to this one, gonna take some time but definately worth it.
Awesome thanks :)
looked great even with modern car. nice
Thanks for your review. The preset its adjusted to look good as possible for all car types.
**Much more appealing. Had thought the cars were not in the middle, but now with some of the longer cars I see it needs to be that way
Thanks mate. Yeah I had to offset the perspective a bit to be able to fit larger cars. Especially for the Ferrari SF70H which its quite large.
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