ReShade Natural Improvement 1.0.1

First PUBLIC release. Still developing and tweaking.

  1. Cobra_Commander
    Why I don't have any screenshots YET:
    I made started this at about 4 in the mor'n and am uploading at what apears to be 5:50. I know some of you are very iffy on downloads like this without screenshots (I am one of those people myself) but I am to tired at this point to gather some screenshots. Perhaps later on today I will upload some.

    (more than) A bit about my goals and the project itself:
    I intend on improving what the game already is since it is a good looking game and learning more along the way of this project. every time I do a sweetfx for a game I learn more and more about this tool and with this one I hope to learn a lot along the way. This sweetfx is very barebones right now and is simply a start. When I make my setups I usualy look for the most realistic setup I can find and improve on it and make it more realistic, and since it is usually for personal use this is the first one I am publicly releasing and right now it is a starting point for me. But Dirt Rally is special and so there really aren't any other presets that are worth using as a starting point (no offense) so I have created the setup that you can download at this very moment as a starting point for me to improve.
    Right now this Reshade is a light improvement that is almost unnoticeable at a glance but does make the game slighlty more realistic and natural. Suggestions are GREATLY appreciated and I do urge all of you to provide your opinion and feedback. Anyways for now enjoy the beginning of a long road (pun intended?). R

    My clutch pedal for my wheel has broken and I will try and get it repaired on monday however if I can not get it fixed I will have to buy a new pair of pedals but I shall attempt to get the screenshots none the less.

    Install Instructions:
    Copy contents of the .rar file to your Dirt rally root.
    If it loaded up correctly into the game when it boots up it should have some white text at the top left with a nice large CROSIRE written in white (one of the developers of reshade)
    If it did not try running reshade setup and select whichever direct x version you use. I personally chose direct x 11 and it worked for me. If you need help post it in support and I will be glad to help as soon as I can.

    Credits to reshade developers:

    - Marty McFly
    - Matsilagi
    - Martigen
    - K-putt
    -and all other developers of this software and or testers


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