ReShade Enhanced Graphics mod 1.0

Adds filters and colour corrections for a better looking game

  1. GTAce
    Original (1st) vs. mod (2nd)

    This mod will change the look of your game, without altering or editing any original files of the game. I applied some colour corrections, added filters and made the image sharper. There's a slight performance hit of around 10-15 frames per second. Please see the ReadMe file for install and uninstall instructions. Tell me what you think, but don't forget: These graphics mods are always a matter of taste!​

Recent Reviews

  1. antirussia81
    Version: 1.0
    Looks nice but I would't say that 15 FPS less is a "slight performance hit". That's a huge decrease, especially for someone like me who normally has around 45 FPS.
    1. GTAce
      Author's Response
      Might want to upgrade your PC or turn down the graphics a bit then. :P Without the mod, the game hovers between 80-110 fps on my system.