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Reshade and SweetFX: More vivid and Realistic Colors v1.9.5

The custom setting v1.9.5 offers better color, contrast, and more realistic color temperature.

  1. JuanBonX
    SweetFX ON - 3.jpg

    Description: The custom setting v1.9.5 offers better color, contrast, and more realistic color temperature. It does not increase the brightness and glow (Bloom), for more realistic graphics, compatibility with many games and graphics Mod.

    Recommendation: Avoid modifying the default brightness and contrast of the monitor *, play in Full HD (1920X1080) or higher and use the graphics settings that I recommend to get the best possible result in the game.

    Screenshots: Reshade v3.0.8 + Preset v1.9.4

    Preset v1.9.5 By JuanBonX


    - Vivid colors
    - Better contrast

    - Sharpness and Focus
    - Realistic Color Temperature

    Changelog: Adjustments and improvements in DPX. Better color contrast.

    Adjustments required* in GTR2Config.exe

    - Resolution: The Maximum of the Monitor (*)
    - Refreshment: By default (*)
    - Vertical Sync: ON (Optional)
    - Full Screen Mode: ON (*)
    - Antisolapamiento AA: x4 (*)

    Note: Before copying the Reshade or SweetFX files, we must configure GTR2Config.exe. Then we start the game and configure the graphical settings at maximum.

    For better visual quality apply all the graphic settings I recommend. It affects the performance*

    Warning: You cannot modify or use my custom settings in other Reshade and SweetFX projects without my authorization and credit. JuanBonX

    Compatible: Con la mayoría de los juegos - With most games
    SweetFX ON - 2.jpg SweetFX ON - 7.jpg SweetFX ON - 1.jpg SweetFX ON - 4.jpg SweetFX ON - 6.jpg SweetFX ON - 5.jpg

    Screenshots ON / OFF: goo.gl/gy69mq
    Download: goo.gl/9x3RFy (Other Games) :thumbsup:
    Download: goo.gl/T3L6GJ (Reshade versions)
    Facebook Page: facebook.com/TruckSimulator.pa

    Credits: JuanBonX (Mod), CeeJay.dk (Autor), Crosire (Reshade)

    Giving thanks costs nothing.
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Recent Reviews

  1. marcominas
    Version: v1.9.5
    Excelent, tank you
  2. Edivad82
    Version: v1.9.5
    Long Life to GTR2!
    1. JuanBonX
      Author's Response
      Long life for this and other games with Reshade. Regards ;)
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