Repsol Movistar Seat Leon TCR 2.2

inspired by real Seat rally liveries

  1. fixed a tiny error

    insignificant but might as well fix it
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  2. Actually the correct texture this time

    Thanks again to @shadow118 for feedback and suggestions.

    Yes, the last update contained some experimental WIP texture instead of the final one. Facepalm. Apologies!

    Also, as suggested by @shadow118, adjusted rear bumper logos and added some blue to front bumper, makes the blue side stripe look better
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  3. final(ly good)

    Massive thanks to @shadow118 for his feedback and help! The skin is now finally at the level it should be.

    -redone all Repsol and Movistar logos, mo more blurry mess
    -added reflection map, the car now has a semi-gloss finish with matte decals
    -color corrections
    -changed number from #009 to #9. What was I thinking with that one?

    I have now redone the skin almost completely, there is very little left of the original.
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  4. big rework, hopefully final update

    Reworked most of the big logos, they are now far better suited to the shape of the car. The big Repsol logo especially was way too small, made the rear doors look empty, now it's much better. Added some finishing touches

    The skin is now looking more like what I envisioned when I began. I'm still a noob with skinning but I think I've learned a thing or two while doing this. Next skin I make will try to do it properly before releasing
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  5. black mirrors, changed rim texture and side logos

    getting better
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  6. Big improvement

    -new body color, brighter and more accurate
    -new rim and blur textures
    -several fixes and tweaks to car texture

    I had no clue about skinning when I started doing this so lots of noob mistakes, now it's better.
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  7. corrected a mistake

    removed an erroneous brush stroke from rear fender, can still be seen in pics
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