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Replacement 3D grass for Hungaroring 2019 2019-08-06

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Awesome circuit, but the 3D grass is a little dark for my tastes and looks odd against the lighter grass skin.

This is just a quick n' dirty replacement for the 3D grass to make it look more natural.

Simply extract the file to the main Assetto Corsa root folder or use Content Manager.

Latest reviews

Just perfect ! much better than my "original" mine
Marc_13000 ;)
Zombie Boy
Zombie Boy
I'm glad you like it! Feel free to use it if you want, if you update the track further :)
Nice but one star minus because you gave the rar file the name content.rar and not Hungaroring-replacement-grass or so. lots of add-ons need to keep them in order.
Zombie Boy
Zombie Boy
The reason I did this was so that people could extract the rar file within the AC root folder and everything would automatically extract to where it should in order for the skin to work. Had I named it anything else, people would have to extract the file, rename it and then move it to where it needs to be. Much more complicated!
But thanks for the four stars anyway :)
Thanks a lot!
Zombie Boy
Zombie Boy
No worries, thanks for your rating :)
Subtle but clear improvement. Thanks for sharing. ;-)
Zombie Boy
Zombie Boy
I'm glad its working okay for you. I'm always concerned when I make these skins as I don't use Content Manager. I worry that the shaders patch, or something like that, might mess it up!
Zombie Boy
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