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Rent Apartment 1.0.4

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This mod lets you rent the empty apartment near the lake, well I guess it isn't exactly empty right now... Pay up and take the keys to your brand new home. You can also take the cardboard box from your parent's bedroom closet, pack up your phone, computer, map, posters and place then in the apartment!

  • Pay weekly rent to the new landlord in town.
  • Phone, Map, Computer and posters can be moved to the new apartment.
  • Mailbox located near the other ones where most of your mail is delivered (excluding bills and PC game).
  • Story progression: Suski and drunk guy compatible.
  • Entire new custom modelled interior for the empty apartment.
  • Functional old TV that you have to manually tune to the correct channel.
  • M.O.P. Compatible
  • Lots of other cool features!
How to use:

How to rent apartment:

  1. Go talk to the landlord at the new apartment, when he asks you if you want to rent his place press "K" or the key assigned to speech .
  2. Pay up, take the keys and open the door, the apartment is now yours, don't forget to pay the weekly rent tho ; )
  3. If you don't want the apartment anymore click on the safe on the landlord's table to return your keys (no refunds).
How to move your stuff to the apartment:
  1. You can move some stuff from your house using the cardboard box located in the parent's bedroom closet.
  2. Place the empty box at the hall and press "F" (or use key) to put the objects in the box, transport it to the apartment's hall and press "F" again to unbox.
  3. You can also do the same to transport the items back to the original house.
  4. If you lose the box you can reset it to the parent's bedroom in the mod settings.
How to use TV:
  • Rotate the first dial using the scroll wheel, keep rotating it until the white noise stops and the channel appears, to turn it off rotate it all the way left to its original position.




Copy the files "RentApartment.dll" and the "Assets" folder to your Mods folder, you need MSC Mod Loader.

Known Issues:

  • None so far, if you spot any bugs let me know but please read the "How to use" first : )

Mod by psychovanz.
Thanks to Athlon for helping me make the mod M.O.P. compatible.


If you like my mods consider buying me a coffee :D

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4.38 star(s) 16 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. RentApartment v1.0.4

    Parts catalogue is now moved to second bedroom when using the box, fixed TV rally sound...
  2. RentApartment v1.0.3

    Fixed bug with being able to give Jokke kilju, reload and get paid again for the same batch...
  3. RentApartment v1.0.2

    Added new table and chairs to the kitchen, scale and clock are now moved to the apartment with...
  4. RentApartment v1.0.1

    - Outside doors now open outwards - Fixed problems with Jokke being in the air and, as a result...

Latest reviews

When I use the house for 1 week, it throws it out and I cannot enter it again (I hope I have no typo. I don't translate it from Google Translate) :P
the man does not spawn outside in my game
if it's night he won't spawn, dm me if you still have problems
Add the sound of the fridge in the next version
This mod is like WOW i can say that this is the BEST mod about new homes i remember the new home mod but it rly was SO boring but when i first seen this mod it was amazing!
Btw i can type here what things u should add!
- TV remote --- u just buyed a lotto ticket but u cant change tv stations
- Making lights A little very little bit better --- the lights in TV room are doing almost nothing.
- Kitchen --- If lockers was interactive it will be soooo good
- The room with not interactive bed --- the same thing as in kitchen
- Fireplace --- if we would have fireplace at our garden it would be also nice
- Garden --- It would be cool if our garden was closed with bushes it would look nicer because its so empty , and some other things
- Umm house? --- Aw i know that would take soo much time to create but if we would customize our house (to paint rooms, place posters where we want or something else
- Bathroom --- The bathroom looks very untextured
- The kilju guy --- When u go sleep with briefcase the kilju guy spawns but ... sometimes it spawns VERY close to you (i died almost instantly when i did go sleep)
- Computer room --- more texturing
- Some abilities to buy more futurnites --- <-- umm i typed it
- TV? --- if we would to change tv volume ... yes my ears did blow up when i first time enabled the tv
- House again --- Why we only see the lightbulbs , TeXtUrInG for lightbulbs
- Kitchen aGaIn --- Umm some things are just textures
and other things

But still even with this big list of nice things to add i give u 5 stars
I really want to this mod be updated because i really like this mod!
Sorry for bad English im from Poland
the mod threw a error help
Well I can't possibly guess the error, first: run the game until you get the error, close the game and send me your output.log located on your main game folder inside the mysummercar_Data folder (don't post the contents of it on the comment, make a pastebin link or upload it somewhere and send download link).
The problem is, when I go to the NPS, he asks * do not need an apartment? * And then what doesn’t he give me the key
Please read the "How to use"
it says not ready to load?
Uhh nobody else until now has experienced this problem... Try to reinstall and make sure you have the latest version of MSC Mod loader, send me your output.log located on your main game folder inside the mysummercar_Data folder (don't post the contents of it on the comment, make a pastebin link or upload it somewhere and send download link.
this is a great mod 5/5 would download and use
its a excellent mod and a cool apartment with a cool TV
Thanks you
Nice mod but can you please add piss stains or making the apartment burn down. Both resulting in the owner being angry
Both of those would have to be reprogrammed from the ground up so probably not : p
EXCELLENT mod but the cardboard box doesent want to open
Hi, did you place the box on the floor first? Also it has to be in the hall of the home or apartment. If you still have problems contact me : )
amazing mod!
You've done it again, another state of the art mod that is useful in many ways. I love using it for a relaxation spot when I'm in town, bro you are a extreme mod creator keep up the good work
This is a very good mod. It adds in an entire new building to live in without being too taxing on my FPS. I really have only 2 suggestions for the apartment. Making the "Rent Apartment" mod compatible with your "Call Your Cousin" mod would be a great idea since moving the phone makes the paper at the original house obsolete. Also, In my opinion, the kitchen-TV area of the house feels a bit bland, adding even just a table would definitely help with that. Overall, this is an amazing mod and one that I am sure to continue using.
Thanks, both of those were planned but i decided to release it a bit early, probably those will be included in future updates! : D