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Rene Bonnet Djet & Aerodjet, Matra Djet V & MS610

Rene Bonnet Djet & Aerodjet, Matra Djet V & MS610 1.00

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Greg7 - physic, edit, tests, technical datas
DuckFreak - sounds
Butch - 3D

René Bonnet Djet, Aerodjet - TC-65
Matra Djet V - TC-65
Matra Bonnet MS610 - GTC-65
MS610 coupe Napoleon - GTC-TC-73 (fictitious)

File size
331.4 MB
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 5 ratings

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Latest reviews

Another fantastic mod.
Thanks for sharing
beautiful car
Fantastic JOB!
Many thanks for this great GTL addon!
And for Your hard and good Work!
PS. for future ideas... why not the Auto Union
StreamLiner... You can take a look in the Lod Screen of
my Union Ring for GTLegends...this car.
Thanks again for this great MOD!
Top notch work as usual butch ;)
Great collection of high detail cars. Look drive and sound fantastic. Thank you all for all the hard work.