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Renault R24 1.2

Renault R24 - Formula 1 - season 2004 - piloted by Fernando Alonso

  1. Renault R24 version 1.2

    Renault R24 - version 1.2

    - 1º gear ratio changed.
    - 3D model remodeled (back part).
    - Added "Seat Belt".
    - Wing rear diffuser "cl" changed ( now the car does not slip when the car height is taller).
    - Car height changed.
    - Steer ratio value changed (now the car turn a little more).
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  2. Renault R24 - version 1.1

    Renault R24 - version 1.1

    - Added car LODS (B, C, D) and reduced number of triangles on the model car. Now the car has a lot more perfomance in the graphics (See the FPS in the game).

    - 2º gear ratio changed.

    - In aerodynamics, Body CD increase until 0.61 (now the car is a little bit less fast (i think that now has the real velocity like the real R24, at least the times in monza are pretty same that the real times in 2004 (depending of the driver and the car setup), anyway, try it and...
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  3. Renault R24 Version 1.0

    Renault R24 Version 1.0
  4. Renault R24 - beta 0.9

    - Included grids in the pontoons
    - leds of the steering wheel changed
    - black floor inside the body
    - some physics changed :
    in the aerodynamic the front and rear CD is changed.
    the resistance of the tyres is changed, now is higher,.
    now the tyres have less grip but the car is faster.
    in the suspensions the front basey is changed, now the car take the corners better with more stability.

    try it and tell me how goes now :)
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  5. Renault R24 - beta 0.8

    - All the car has new textures with ambient occlussion and now the textures are sharp.
    - brake disk, caliper and steering wheel textures added

    i hope you like it, enjoy it :)
  6. Renault R24 - Beta 0.7

    I have been a lot time without works in this car, but now i have time again and i 'm improving the car :)

    Renault R24 - Beta 0.7 :
    - New sound of the car.
    - New physics in suspensions and tyres.
    - New gears relation.
    - other things more...

    The next beta update i hope will be with new textures, for example the steering wheel texture and other things more.
    Try the car and make me knows if there are some wrong o whatever.

    Greetings :)
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  7. Renault R24 Beta 0.6

    FFB stronger (now when you turn the steering wheel it has more resistance)

    Suspensions improved (the suspension had one error: when you turn the steering wheel in a cornering with high speed, the car was sliding, now the car can to take the cornerings with high speed without sliding)

    * (if at last the physics of the car is all fine now, i will start to improve the textures of the car for the next beta versions)(my priority is finish first the physics of the car and later improve the...
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  8. Renault R24 (beta 0.5)

    -Tyres temperature improved (now the tyres have right temperatures)

    - Aerodinamics improved.

    - Suspensions improved.

    - AI improved (now the car goes fine when is controlated by the game)

    - Setup car parameters improved (now "toe" can be positive and negative, and the dampers and suspensions parameters are wider)
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  9. Renault R24 (beta 0.4)

    New aerodinamics.

    Now the car get the correct time, speed and aerodinamics.

    I think that the FFB is a little bit stronger now, but i'm not sure (test it)

    Tyre physics improved.
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  10. Renault R24 beta 0.3

    The sound of the one channel of engine is fixed (it was lower than rest).

    The AI is fixed (now the car can be controlated by the game for to race against it (not worked in beta 0.2 version).

    The automatic gear change is fixed (now works (not worked in beta 0.2 version).

    The aerodinamics has new configuration (test this for to know how the car runs now)
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  11. Renault R24 (beta 0.2)

    In this version the gears are already correct (it was a big mistake that i didn't realize but it is already corrected) (the car had 6 gears in 2004).

    Also, i have corrected the sounds of the car (the sounds were very loud, so i have put the sounds lower).
    En esta version las marchas ya son las correctas (fue un gran fallo que tuve, que no me di cuenta, pero que ya está...