Renault F1 Team 2010 1.3

Renault 2010 Skin + drivers

  1. Heikki
    That's the Renault R30 for F1 2016 + drivers!


    - changed RENAULT's font on other
    - OZ logo on wheels is now red
    - added Japan Rags logo
    - added "teeths" on sides
    - deleted "hexagons" on sides
    - another improvements

    People who help me:
    - Ibanez - Snoras logo
    - Tomek - textures of helmets -

    - I changed color slightly and Renault logo.
    - I added logos of: Snoras Bank, HP, Lada, Bridgestone, Total, Elf, Mangrove, TW Steel, Altran, Elysium, Symantec, Magneti Marelli, Movit.

    - I added drivers: Robert Kubica & Vitaly Petrov (only english version)
    - I converted Tomek's textures of helmets to F1 2016

    - Fixed bug with reflection
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Recent Reviews

  1. Mr.Mystery
    Version: 1.3
    Super! wiem że troche przeterminowane ale da sie użyć tych kasków w karierze? a jeśli tak to dałbyś jakieś instrukcje?, z góry dzieki
    1. Heikki
      Author's Response
      Używając ERP Archivera możesz "wydobyć" ten kask z plików, a potem wkleić go podmieniając na ten z kariery.
  2. Deevstappen
    Version: 1.1
    1. Heikki
      Author's Response
      No i gitarka
  3. xFitcho
    Version: 1.1
    Love the mod! Looks great! I was wondering if you (or who ever made the helmets) could make the Kubica helmet for BMW Sauber.
    1. Heikki
      Author's Response
      Tomek made helmets for 2012, I converted it to F1 2016. Maybe if I will have a time, I will do this.
  4. RedJohn66
    Version: 1.0
    Great skin, nice quality
    1. Heikki
      Author's Response
      Thank you mate :)
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