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Renault E.DAMS Formula E Team 2017-11-05

A Renault e.dams livery to replace Mercedes

  1. Redish
    Replaces: Mercedes
    Installation guide: Video below
    Information: Renault e.dams is a Formula E team which has been competing in FE for 3 years
    Future Plans (will need help): Suits
    Driver Changes
    Team Name Change
    I recommend you install yourself rather than drag and drop!
    Do not reupload without giving credit 20171105174124_1.jpg 20171105174135_1.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Francisco Vazquez
    Francisco Vazquez
    Version: 2017-11-05
    Or as Chris says, you could've remplaced Toro Rosso (since it has some "coincidence" with Mercs and stuff). But anyways, it looks pretty nuts and hella rad! I love it! ^^
    1. Redish
      Author's Response
      My goal is to recreate all the Formula E teams and someone already made Panasonic Jaguar for the Toro Rosso, also Renault e.dams is a front runner and it wouldnt make sense to have them in the midfield
  2. Chris Forcath
    Chris Forcath
    Version: 2017-11-05
    looks absolutly awesome but why replace mercedes and not renault? :/
    1. Redish
      Author's Response
      Because Renault e.dams is a front runner in Formula E and my goal is to make almost all the Formula E teams on this game since someone else made Panasonic Jaguar already replacing Toro Rosso
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