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Renault Clio cup 197

Renault Clio cup 197 Version 1.1

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This car looks fun but there is no sound :(
a great funny car, but without sound, it's possible an update please? thanks
Looks nice but no incar sound? How do I fix this??
grazie ragazzo :)
Thank you
Really good car and makes for some excellent racing with the AI. Stoped working after last AC up date. Anyone got a solution for this?
Obviously not very good atm, but i'm sure they will get better.
btw, why is diff coast default at 90%, makes no sense at all...
Light understeer it's true but for me it's the better, very good FFB(with my setup) GOOD JOB :-)
understeer, understeer and again understeer.
1.0 was better
Thank you! Love the Clio Cup and I am looking forward to future model updates!
Not finished but in Championnat de France since few month, ok !?

Also, skins are too low quality for replay, full aliasing on logos.
finalmente la clio cup..thanks
so much fun driving this lil clio so much fun thanks
Fun to drive, but the graphics look a bit dated... :/ No offense!
Seems yery well made but it might need some tweaking, I feel it's way too grippy at the rear, if compared to the BTCC Primera and the Adam Cup...
Is not possible to compare BTCC and Clio !!! This mod was test by 2 reel drivers and we have made the most realist possible in grip. Clio in sports car = karting ;)
See my discussion post
ok thanks
Just checked RD for Clio skins and....here we goooo
a new toy! gonna give it a try =)
Amazing Car
ouh yeah...i have waiting for this car a long time ago...at final the release it´s public, thanks very much :D
Hope fun for you ;)