Renault 5 Turbo : Calberson 1.0

Renault 5 Turbo Calberson liveries

  1. OeildeLynx

    While it was only about its third rally, Renault 5 turbo led of 9 minutes ahead the Tour de Corse 1980 with Jean Ragnotti to its steering wheel. A belt of alternator broke this dream's race but its impressive performances promised her a bright future.
    Renault Elf commits then 2 Renault 5 turbo for Monte-Carlo's rallye opening the season 1981. If Ragnotti win, Saby, classified well, taken out of the road by sliding safe of some snow put down by unconscious spectators.


    Year: 1980
    Crew: Jean Ragnotti/Jean-Marc AndriƩ
    Team: Renault Elf Calberson
    Rally : Tour de Corse
    Result : Retired (alternator)

    Year: 1981
    Crew: Bruno Saby/Damein Le Saux
    Team: Renault Elf
    Rally : Monte-Carlo
    Result : Retired (accident)

    Author Oeildelynx
    Release Date: Thursday, May 05, 2016
    Current version: 1.0 (Thursday, May 05, 2016)

    The archive proposes 4 liveries : historic of the rally and two generics, in the colors of the game.


    The files are in replace
    Steam/steamapps/common/DiRt Rally/cars/models/r5t

    > livery_42 (red)

    I decline any responsibility if this mod damage your game.

    Thank you for downloading :)

    by Oeildelynx

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    Caton XII
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    Great addition, thank you so much for this historic skin ! ;-)
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