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Reloaded STW Pack 2 1.0

Super Touring Cars

  1. Markano97
    This is the second stw pack which includes the converted stw 1996 and 1997 skinpacks.

    Credits go to:
    For the 96 season:Baika for his skins and talent files
    Mr.T for his menu button and mamerow audi 80
    me for converting the skins

    For the 97 season: Pat O'Reilly for his skins(and his edited honda btcc 97 skin),talent files and driver suits/helmets
    Samu15 for the menu button
    me for converting the skins
    As always credit goes to AndreasFSC for his supertouring mod

    Please do keep in mind that these are conversions so the skins are not 100% perfect
    Race_Steam 2015-08-11 03-20-46-81.jpg Race_Steam 2015-07-31 22-11-42-87.jpg
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