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Reliant Robin Mk.1 0.3

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Powered by the 850 cc engine, which debuted in 1975.

Features nearly 50 horses at the rear wheels, working speedometer, and some mirrors.

Known issues:
not fully textured
the AI don't understand 3 wheelers and fails to brake enough to corner
driver doesn't animate

Stereo - graphics
mclarenf1papa - physics, sound

See also:
Official AC forum thread, where more progress is described.

Latest updates

  1. AC 1.14.4

    - fixed suspension to work in current AC (just making it work nothing more) - audio from stock...
  2. Flipping awesome

    Thanks to a great deal of help by mclarenf1papa (and Aris, who managed to debug the car without...

Latest reviews

Raymond Racing
I hope you consider coming back to this car to get it working with modern AC; at the very least correct the driver position and get the tyres to version 10.
my dad had one of these cars
I love it, but for some reason the AI doesn't want to drive this thing - the AI driver will just pop forward a little bit, steer awkwardly, and then park the car. Is this an ai.ini problem or something else that anyone has a fix for?
Fun little car, a bit rough executed though ;)
Thanks for updating to v0.3. It's a cushty car. Fun to drive but still needs additional work for it to be mange tout...
Mr. Bean would be proud.
Yay, Update!
Still a fun car to literally throw around a track
please update this car on AC :-( :-(
Won't load in current version of AC
i Actually got pulled speeding in one of these beauties. :D
Rated for wackiness, what a hoot!! As others have said, don't stop working on this, never in my life would I think someone would put a Robin in a sim, well done that man!!
1975...year before I was born! I remember my Dad owning a chocolate brown one back in the late 70's
An extremely entertaining 3 wheeler(or 2 depends how u drive it.)
Good Job
FUN Little Car to play around with.....I really Enjoy it A Lot. Great Job on it. Thanks so Much
very fun to drive, but did you eliminate the crashboxes on the front to make it roll over or it was only a physics work?
The collision model hasn't changed, only the tires.
Awesome!Can you make a S3 version that can do a wheelie(or Jeremy's 5 wheel Robin?)
Any chances to get this with a hayabusa engine?
Very fun car! Also there's one or 2 AI drivers who actually manage to drive this thing!
I've had some hilarious races with this....
good stuff great for a laugh..
i turned a few over in my youth lol
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