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Release - Ac New Generation Smoke 1.0

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((((Assetto Corsa New Generation Smoke V 1.0 for AC 1.x.x RC))))

Remember to backup your files and to overtire the old ones.
Copy and paste - assettocorsa to Program...\Steam...\SteamApps\common\ and replace files... that´s all :)
Lots of fun ;)
Questions: or official AC forum profile:

DOWNLOAD: Hard white for drift (original version)

DOWNLOAD: Hard white for race White for race.rar

DOWNLOAD: Light blue for race blue for race.rar

DOWNLOAD: Light blue for drift blue for drift.rar

Copy/paste smoke_0.png to AC folder/content/texture... rename file...
Copy/paste tyre_smoke.ini to AC folder/system/cfg...rename file...


Latest reviews

I finally found the most realistic smoke dissipation, thank you very much. The original version of it very well, I think even for race.
The smoke is fine, really better than AC default. I modified your original smoke by changine 3 values opacity base and random to 0.2 , and the defaut SLIP_LEVEL=0.8, result very realistic in race.
Actually the hard white version for race looks very good and realistic. (much thicker) I agree that these two videos aren't. But I think they are not the latest versions.
This color uses my woman for her hair
unreal smoke imho