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Reduced Tyre Wear 1.3

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Just a simple database with modified settings to increase the life of the tyres, because CM took the Monzarella catchphrase on the Lotus cars in Italy too literately, and made the tyres worn out like they were mozzarella. The tyres will last 2 to 8 laps longer than before, depending on the track and your driving style.

Thanks to all the guys who posted here: http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/decreased-tyre-wear-10x-flashback.75410/ for their help and feedback.

Remember, this mod works best when playing Career mode with 100% race length. It does NOT work well in Grand Prix mode, nor can I guarantee it will work in Career mode with race length less than 100%.

Have fun racing!

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Latest reviews

Love it! Thanks ♥
Amazing, thank you!
Great mod I really need this thank you
Excellent - just what I was looking for, was fed up with my tyres melting like cheese ;)
Great mod thanks :)
Up to today I have never got to my pitstop without totally shredded tyres., meanwhile the AI cruise into the sunset
Thank you!