Reduced Smoke 1.0

Amount of smoke reduced, while spinning tires and sliding

  1. Met_fan
    I never liked the amount of smoke by the game while spinning your tires, locking your brakes up and sliding around.
    So I just reduced it with editing the original smoke texture. There are different percentages available, from 25%,30%,40% to 50% of the original smoke amount.
    I use the 25% version and still think it might be a bit much...let me know what you think and I might load up some even lower amounts.

    Installation: Just put the resources.assets file in steam/steamapps/common/Nascar Heat Evolution/NascarHeatEvolution_Data/...

    Don't forget to backup your original file.
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Recent Reviews

  1. gamer19
    Version: 1.0
    What I think ?
    Well I think exactly the same.
    As soon as I saw it I knew they "go for Hollywood".
    I mean, man... that's just too much. I'll use 25, too.
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