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Redline Stars: Careers 1.1.1

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RS: Careers is the missing career part of Assetto Corsa that you've been looking for.
In RS Careers you'll be playing as a dentist who decides to get into racing due to his struggles with midlife crisis.

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Currently implemented features:
  • 13 championships (with more to come) utilizing 15 different cars.
  • Achievements
  • Teams
  • Offers from teams generated based on your rating
  • Teammate battles
  • Sponsorships
  • Sponsor Goals
  • Post race interviews
  • Realistic social media experience
  • Ability to adjust difficulty settings
  • Random weather models
  • Randomly generated track conditions
  • Ability to cut the race time/laps by half


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Screenshot (8).png
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Screenshot (5).png
Screenshot (4).png

Screenshot (3).png

Mod is very much playable, but is still in development so you may encounter some bugs.​

Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition (or all DLC's) is required as some of the championships use cars and tracks not available in the original game.​

This game contains foul language, inappropriate and politically incorrect jokes and is therefore suited only for mature audiences (18+).​

Latest updates

  1. Custom practice time, improvements and fixes

    First of all, RSC has been played by over 600 people, so thank you all! I'd like to also thank...
  2. New championship, achievements, generated conditions, more sponsors and more

    Changelog: - New Achievements screen has been added - One new championship - Add a new setting...
  3. 3 new championships & small fix

    - Add 3 new championships for further progression. - Fix issue causing season overview button to...

Latest reviews

It's getting better and better with every update. Amazing work!
Thank you!
Feels so exciting, but it always opens the car and track combo I last used with CM instead of the Maxda MX5 championship. How can I fix this?
Has been fixed after discussions on Discord. If anyone else has this issue:
- Delete C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\Application Data\rsr_careers
- Run the app, you'll be asked to select folders again - make sure to select the correct AC steam folder and AC documents folder (you might have more than one for example)
wow this is good and the music is good too
Thank you!
Really fun mod! Both the format itself with sponsors, goals and teammate battles, but also the cheekiness of the text. Some of the track comments alone makes it worth a playthrough!

The only thing that bugs me is, as other has mentioned, the length of the practice sessions. At Spa with the MX5 I couldn't even finish the outlap before the session was over...
However, I've seen that the creator will fix it, so looking forward to that and some more content.

Really recommend this for anyone who like career modes!
Glad you like the less serious side of it.
Issue with practice will be solved in the upcoming build.

Thank you!
An incredible mod. Definitely what Assetto Corsa was missing. I'm looking forward to new championships and the online update.
The only thing I would put on it is that I would like a longer practice time to avoid having to practice separately before each race.
Practice time has been mentioned by a few people so I'll look into implementing a solution. In the meantime, you can simply restart practice manually, I know it's not perfect, but that's one way to avoid creating a separate practice session. Thanks!
Works great, lots of fun, and it looks and sounds beautiful! Loved the sponsor choosing option. Best career mod out there, no doubt.

Are there plans to include any special events in the future with free mods?

Thank you so much for your effort in this!
Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoy it!

Trouble with free mods is they would need to built into the app (installed by the app) so that everyone can use them but I don't feel comfortable including other people's content.

There's a higher possibility that in the future I'll allow custom championships to be set up with any car/tracks that you own.
amazing work, feels like a port of gran turismo for pc in terms of the music and how the ui feels
Thank you! Gran Turismo was definitely the benchmark. Cheers
Excellent Career Mode!! So much fun to play. Thank you for this one. The presentation, having a storyline, and being its own file is setting a new standard. Very talented.
Thank you for the kind words!
It's beutiful, but after the first season when i have to chose the sponsor the app stop working . What can i do about it ?
Please PM me your Debug ID (you can find it in Credits).
Incredible! What AC was missing finally in a mod well done and with its own app.
I've tried many mod careers but this one beats them all, keep updating it, you're great
Cool mod and I like the cheeky comments and such. Practice time could be longer indeed, but overall it's a good time.
Thank you! Yeah, will do something about the practice time since a few people have mentioned it.
ich schreib das mal auf deutsch weill meinenglisch mist ist.
Das ist wiklich ein must have mod für AC. .
mich würde es freuen wen du so eine karriere auch mit modstrecken oder fahrzeugen machen könntest
dankeschön :)
It's great, maybe changing the practice time could be added. Longer practice can be more suitable for beginners.
Thank you, will keep that in mind
Just started and I've done the first season. It's a blast and I love career modes like this. Thanks a ton!
Glad you like it! Thanks
Loving the mod! I did encounter a bug with the interview saying i finished in 0 (I finished first), but that's kind of it. Im interested where this will go. I'd love to be able to set up my own championships and stuff, it could be very interesting. Good luck!
I'll take care of that interview issue soon. Thank you!
Merci et bravo, voila une carrière qui redonne envie de passer sa journée sur AC :)
Merci :)
Had a little issue with the end of the first race (white screen after question), but tbh this is really fun and really extends this game lifetime, feels like a nice GT career, just wish I could see what lies ahead cuz im really excited to play this ! Thanks ! (had a little issue with my wheel and shifters (paddle instead of shifters, changed it in csp and everything is working great)
Hi there, thanks for giving it a try! Yes, I'm aware of the white screen issue after the interview. Thankfully if that happens you can just reboot it and not lose any progress. Will be fixed in the next build.

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