Redbull-ring (Austria) F1 2017 billboards 2017-07-07

Updated billboards for this year's F1 race.

  1. OzAndy
    Extract into (acu) redbull-ring folder, overwrite skins folder if asked
    make a new "Default" folder in Skins folder and extract individual .dds files into there.

    NB : This is NOT for Kunos Spielberg track

    Screenshot - 7_07_2017 , 11_14_51 PM-50%.png Screenshot - 7_07_2017 , 11_16_52 PM-50%.png Screenshot - 7_07_2017 , 11_18_21 PM-50%.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. AntoniusOMG
    Version: 2017-07-07
    Good but can you upload the link fot the track (acu) redbull-ring.
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