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Well done livery with a lot of details. I love the matte color but please share your knowledge.
I spend a lot of time making my skins on AC, more than driving for sure. For ACC i managed to unpack, edit and repack .pak files but i don't have idea about what i have to do with .sig files.
Here on in private If you want. i think i have a livery ready but the game don't start without that file.
I did a livery for ride 3 but in that game there are no .sig files and i would love to be able to do the same on ACC
Go Ryder
Go Ryder
try with copy paste original *.sig file and then rename to your pak files
actually work for me, cheers
how you make this livery?it's excellent and i would know how to extract pak file and compress to make livery for acc,if u can teach me or send me a tutorial please contact me thank you
Go Ryder
Go Ryder
to extract pak files
like textures and 3d models
AC:Competizione AES encryption Key 0x1FFA618EE774DB10686AE27D283C303D241893F77D679F4FD5250C2B1A537EA0

Unreal Engine 4.22
to convert texture dds file to uasset file (cooking)

U4pak (python script)
to packing files to *.pak
Excelente trabajo,gracias ¡¡¡¡¡
beautyful!!! hope to see other works!
very nice!
brilliant and unexpected, love it!
Great, please let us know how :)
how did you "modify" the skin
Outstanding. New standard, and clever files ;-)
Fantastic Job!
Great work....Huge thank you
How did you manage to do that?
Very cool
Excellent job!!!
Thank you very much: awesome skin !
Please Make one for McLaren (s)
Best regards !!!
top skins , thanks
Awesome work m8!
Jolie livrée bravo
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