Redbull Fantasy Livery (1989 MP4-5 revive)

Redbull Fantasy Livery (1989 MP4-5 revive) 1.10

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Redbull Fantasy Livery ~ McLaren Honda MP4-5 revive
by kri13jam Ver1.10

Sorry for my poor English.

This is my second mod of the fantasy skin for RED BULL.
I made this inspired by the McLaren-Honda's MP4-5, 1989th.
It might differ slightly from the actual vehicle.

I decide to change the ugly shape of red area and to remove the marlboro barcode logo too.

- Changed the shape of red area on the engine cover.
- Removed the Marlboro barcode logo on the engine cover.
- Changed colors from black to white in red area logos (HONDA, SHELL).
- Changed the position of logos on the engine cover (BOSS) and air-intakes (SHELL).
- Added driver's marking on the upper BOSS logos.

first release

00. Screenshot
- just Screenshot Folder

01. A.Senna
- Player livery (textures_high) is always marked 1 Senna,
and Opponent -AI, other team-mate livery (textures_low) is marked 2 Prost.

02. A.Prost
- Player livery (textures_high) is always marked 2 Prost,
and Opponent -AI, other team-mate livery (textures_low) is marked 1 Senna.

03. Common
- Both (Player and Opponent) livery is no marked.

Known Issues
1. Texture of the following locations will be mirrored.
- Upper engine covers BOSS logo
- The lower connecting position of the front wing's COURTAULD logo

How to Install
1. Extract to zip file.
2. Select one of three types. (Common, Senna, Prost)
3. The files that are in the selected type of folder, overwrite it to your "F1 2014" folder.

If you want to apply this skin to McLaren, please follow the following steps.
(*Warning: If you use this option, your McLaren MP4-29 will change to Red Bull RB10.)

1. Back up original McLaren files. (\F1 2014\cars\mc2)

2. Unzip this mod & Choose your favorite type.

3. Move the following files from the unzipped mod directory '\F1 2014\cars\rb2'
to your game directory '\F1 2014\cars\mc2'.
- livery_main folder
- rb2_highLOD.pssg
- rb2_lowLOD.pssg

4. Modified as follows the name of the moved files.
- (\cars\mc2\livery_main\textures_high\) rb2_gen_high_main.pssg -> mc2_gen_high_main.pssg
- (\cars\mc2\livery_main\textures_low\) rb2_gen_low_main.pssg -> mc2_gen_low_main.pssg
- (\cars\mc2\) rb2_highLOD.pssg -> mc2_highLOD.pssg
- (\cars\mc2\) rb2_lowLOD.pssg -> mc2_highLOD.pssg

5. Play & Enjoy McLaren with this Mod!

Right of each logo is located on each company.


Credits & Special Thanks
Thanks to RaceDepartment and All users.
Thanks to TC-Korea and All users.

SpecialThanks to Wilmer Chavez, author of F1 2014 Cars 3D Models For Photoshop

Latest updates

  1. Redbull Fantasy Livery (1989 MP4-5 revive)

    Updates ==================================================== 1.10 - Changed the shape of red...

Latest reviews

wow super incredibly good skin, a big fan of Senna says thank you.
Awesome! Wish it would be on another car though, because I already have a great skin for red bull :/
Great work mate, I've always wanted this skin in my McLaren career mode ;)
I will use it for Fictionnal McLaren 2015 ! Thanks
Thank you friend!
For those who want to enjoy the fictional McLaren-Honda 2015 as you, I am planning a version of the sponsor logos of 2015.

But I don't know well the sponsors of McLaren-Honda 2015.
So, please somebody tell the sponsors to me. :)
i like it
Thank you mate! :)
Thank you! :)
Great detail, great instructions and I love the retro-colored "fictional" cars. Thank you for creating.
Thank you friend!
I also love the vehicle and its color of 80-90's era.
As favor with everyone, I will do my best more. :)
Awesome , but can you please make this skin for the Mclaren itself , it would be awesome doing a carrer with Mclaren with this amazing skin
I also think your idea is great.
However, because of technical problems, I will not be able to apply the same color pattern to McLaren.

If you want to play the career mode in the McLaren team, ’option’ of description and how might it be helpful. :)
Your skins are awesome !
Thanks mate! :)
Thank you very much!
Got to say, you started the year great! Really well done.
Thank you and happy new year! :)
Really well done mate
Thank you mate! :)

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