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Red VAN + Grey interior + Dashboard Gauges Volkswagen Golf MK1 2017-06-09

SKIN VAN , Interior , Gauges

  1. Prasej1512
    I'm sorry for my bad English! Write a translator...I'm sorry for my bad English! Write a translator...
    Modification changes Van Skin to RED&WHITE, interior to Grey and Gauges come from Golf Mk1 FL backlight Green

    Unzip the RAR file
    Files from changelogs using Unity Asset Explorer. Do not forget to back up your SHAREDASSETS files

    MOD Photo:


    1. MSC_pic70.png
    2. MSC_pic73.png
    3. MSC_pic76.png
    4. MSC_pic65.png

Recent Reviews

  1. LuisTaco47
    Version: 2017-06-09
    Finally a good looking van!
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