Red Bull RB12 Ainsley Harriott Edition 1.0

A RB12 skin with Mr. Harriott instead of the navy blue.

  1. NoseyGuyy
    This skin is of pretty low quality and is my first skin I've made, so I do apologise if its hard to look at :p
    This skin is mainly just a mess about, and includes the number "69" instead of the "1" and a few other details such as "E.Haywood" (my name) instead of the "S.Vettel", the word/name "Haywood" on the front end of the car (I can remove this for a future version if people dont like it) and the obvious Ainsley Harriott collage over the entire skin instead of the regular navy blue fill.
    Some images of the skin:
    20160716133515_1.jpg 20160716133517_1.jpg 20160716133518_1.jpg 20160716133521_1.jpg
    I used MrTheRacer's RB12 skin to make this with, so all credit to him for making the original :)
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