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Red Bull Racing Garage HD 1.2 | 2016 Multi-Mod comp

Realistic purple glow, light effect, original Red Bull fonts and colors

  1. Theo Berrekeman
    Hello there! :D

    Here is the new, fresh & cool garage of Red Bull!
    With the glow effect on the purple/blue edges and the light effect on the panels inside:

    RB Garage NEW 04.jpg RB Garage Photo.jpg
    RB Garage NEW 02.jpg RB Garage NEW 03.jpg RB Garage NEW 01.jpg

    For the complete Red Bull Racing pakkage (matte finish):

    More downloads:


    • Always backup!
    1. Download zip file
    2. Open zip file
    3. Unpack and copy / overwrite
    Installation note:
    Sometimes after using another mod or database, the "links" in the database.bin file could be broken or invalid giving incorrect names or other errors.

    Note: This MOD is graphical only.

    Comments are always welcome!

    Wanna support / help?
    Please consider a donation:

    Enjoy! :thumbsup:
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Recent Reviews

  1. PF126p
    Version: 1.2 | 2016 Multi-Mod comp
    Amazing ! Good work man.
    1. Theo Berrekeman
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much! :)
  2. NeffO76
    Version: 1.2 | 2016 Multi-Mod comp
    Theo that looks amazingly life like.
    1. Theo Berrekeman
      Author's Response
      Thanx NeffO! That's my goal :D
  3. igearzone16
    Version: 1.2 | 2016 Multi-Mod comp
    my only word is WOW....
    1. Theo Berrekeman
      Author's Response
      A-ma-zing!! Thank you VERY much my friend!
  4. ClimaxF1
    Version: 1.0 | 2016 Multi-Mod comp
    You are the man, that looks so good. Thanks
    1. Theo Berrekeman
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for this super-positive feedback / review. Really appreciate it, keeps me going! :)
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