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Red Bull 2015 Skin with 2014 numbers 2015-04-03

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Hey guys,

i made some minor changes to doberjam RB11 Skin

I changed the Red Bull Letters on the side and replaced it with the Red Bull Logo, so no mirroring here;)

And i´m not a Fan of bringing new numbers in old Games:p
So i changed the 2015 Skin back to 2014 numbers and names:sneaky:

some ingame shots
2015-03-29_00007.jpg 2015-03-29_00014.jpg 2015-03-29_00015.jpg

Hope you like it:thumbsup:

Special thanks to @doberjam for the permissions:);)

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Well done.
Thank you a lot!!
From the screenshots it looks very nice hopefully it will look good on the track too :)
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