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Record telemetry from races - MM Data Mod v1.0

Record telemetry from race sessions

  1. jmcdonagh
    Motorsport Manager Data Mod
    This mod allows you to output and record data from within your race sessions. Right now it provides 5 files of specific data including timings, pitstops and tyres (detailed description below). There are a lot of things I'd ideally like to add to this mod but the current state allows for some interesting data analysis which could improve your understanding of the game mechanics. The Workshop integration within the game currently doesn't support a method to do this. This is my first mod so expect there to be some limitations or bugs.

    I'd love feedback on it and maybe requests for features. If you want to view or modify my code then it's located within the 'UISessionRubberOnTrackWidget' file within the .dll.

    Download Link:
    MM Data Mod v1.0

    Preview Images

    How To Install:
    1. Locate the 'Motorsport Manager' folder on your PC

    2. Go to 'Motorsport Manager\MM_Data\Managed' directory

    3. Backup the original 'Assembly-CSharp.dll' or rename it. If you lose your original file you can verify your game files on Steam to download it.

    4. Download the modified 'Assembly-CSharp.dll' file using the above link

    5. Move the modified 'Assembly-CSharp.dll' into the 'Managed' folder

    6. Done!
    How to Use:
    Right now this mod can only be used for World Motorsport Championship race sessions. I'd recommend using this with Single Races for the most reliability.

    1. Load up the game and start a race as usual.

    2. Once the race has loaded you will see the Track Rubber Level indicator at the top of the screen has been renamed to 'MM Data Mod'.

    3. Whenever you want to start recording data just hover over the indicator and the label should change to a number. This shows the number of lines of data that has been recorded. As of right now, there is no way to stop the recording once it has begun however, it will pause automatically if your game pauses.

    4. Five .csv files will have been created within your 'Motorsport Manager' folder. The current settings within the mod record data every 0.2 seconds and writes it to the file every 5 seconds.
    Data Available:
    • Track Session Data
      • Session Dates
      • Circuit Info.
      • Weather Info.
      • Track State Info.
      • Safety Car Info.
      • Session Fastest Laps/S1/S2/S3
    • Team Driver Data
      • Race Position
      • Track Position
      • Timing Info.
      • Basic Tyre Info.
      • Fuel State Info.
      • Racing State Info.
      • Penalty Info.
    • Driver Timing Data
      • Gaps 1/2/3 Ahead & Behind
      • Current Lap/S1/S2 Times
      • Last Lap/S1/S2/S3 Times
    • Pitstop Data
      • Penalty Info.
      • Position Delta.
      • Pitlane Timings
    • Tyre Data
      • All Tyre Numbers
      • All Tyre Conditions
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