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'Realistic Onboard' TV ReShade Presets

'Realistic Onboard' TV ReShade Presets 2016-08-23

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Codemasters F1 2016 - 'Realistic onboard' tv ReShade Presets by MMPAW44.


Here i present my Personal ReShade Presets including 2 Alternate versions.

For those of you that would prefer the REAL 'ONBOARD' Camera lighting & colour look, then i hope you'll enjoy these presets!.
Camera lenses don't capture light & colour in the same way a human eye does, and therefore from viewing Onboard footage, you'll see the difference.

I've tried to create these versions as near as i can to what is seen when viewing Onboard cam footage; however, in creating these versions there has been compromises due to the methods used to create them - but i feel i've made the right balance.

You'll notice when viewing REAL TV footage, there is a significant difference in both the ambient 'haze' and tyre brightness/colour, compared to the default Codemasters 'look'. I always felt that Codemasters' applied too much contrast/darkness to the look of the tyres, so this is one reason why i create my own personal ReShade Presets.

Obviously, the way a game looks is without doubt all about ones own personal preference; some prefer a more saturated/contrasted look, while others prefer a more brighter/less saturated look...

However, regardless of preference, i've decided to share my work!

NOTE: Installation Instructions:

Within the archive you'll find 2 folders...
'Lower Exposure Version' & 'Brighter Exposure Version'

Within each folder you'll find 3 files - 'ReShade'(Folder) , 'dxgi.dll' & 'ReShade.fx' Files.

All you have to do once you've chosen which version you prefer, is to simply copy the ReShade folder along with the other 2 files (dxgi.dll & ReShade.fx) into the main F1 2016 Installation folder.
EXAMPLE: D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2016
(My installation is located on my D: HDD hence the D:. However, 'standard' installations are in drive C:)

The presets are by default disabled - To Enable the effect, simply press 'DEL' on your keyboard. (You'll notice the 'Enabling / Disabling' of the effect in the upper left corner of your screen by text).

I have created these this way for a purpose - Should you want the image Brighter or Darker, you can easily add this by using the In-Game GAMMA setting is Graphics Options.

That's it really...ENJOY!

P.S. To create Screenshots using the ReShade effect, simply press 'PrintScreen' Key.
(Screenshots are usually saved to the Main installation Folder)
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Looks good mate! The environment is way more crisp like the blurry CM style :)

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