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Realistic MyTeam Power Unit Performance 1.12

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For patch 1.12, changes were made to the AI but not for purchasable power units in MyTeam mode. As a result, the user's engine would be faster than the AI equivalent. This is the case with Ferrari, Honda and Renault. Mercedes AI had not been affected by the patch, values were identical to the Mercedes power unit and therefore have not been included in this mod.

I have taken the lines from Ferrari, Red Bull (there were slight differences between Red Bull and Alpha Tauri and I wanted the Honda file to have the fullest potential), and Renault regarding the power unit only (i.e. engine power, fuel) and copied them into the MyTeam Ferrari / Honda / Renault files.

Open the zip and copy the 2020_assets_groups folder into your F1 2020 folder. It will ask to overwrite 3 files, click 'yes'. All done!

Please note that these edits will have no change upon the engine purchase screen or R&D ranking screens. it only affects on-track performance.
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