Realistic exhaust flames

Realistic exhaust flames 1.0

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Well...we all know that AC needs more realistic exhaust flames :D I've compiled a pack of my own png images and some that I found in a pack for a BMW GT2 livery years ago. Just install in "asssettocorsa/content/cars/[car name]/texture/flames"

These textures do not overwrite the Kunos flame files, so no need to backup!


Courtesy of WagnumPI
Bernd Graf
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Latest reviews

Very old unworking mod, should be updated or deleted from here cause installing and then revert back to vanilla is a waste of time.
This mod just doesnt work anymore
won't work for me
Excelent,thank you very much.
Please update your mod to the new flames system which came with v1.5 - would be great! Thx
I can't make it work, I extracted to the bmw gt2 car/texture/flames there are 2 files already 7.png and 8.png, but i put all the rest and no flames
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Some Kunos cars have the 2 stock textures named 1 and 2...others 7 and 8. Either way, you should be able to see exhaust flames if you transfer them per each car to [car name]/texture/flames. They don't fire every time you drive too, it's infrequent as per real life :)
good. Any plans blue flame of Mclaren P1?
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
I tried to, but for the P1 the results just weren't good enough to post. There are 2 mods here for blue P1 flames though, search through the Misc section and you should find them :)
Excellent as always!
Beautiful and realistic backfiring
to my eyes they seem a bit too yellow
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
They should be changed to...?
Thanks for this mod, looks amazing.
Also.... @Chazz Lmao at that :)
Just Perfect! Amazing work. Cheers
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Thank you!
That was one fiery comment Chazz ;)
@Chazz Ranger

Ssssmokin'! This mod is so hot right now! I'm all fired up and don't wanna burn Kunos, but these textures totally torch the originals! Hope that doesn't backfire on me and ignite a flame war...
Ok, I've exhausted all my puns :-D
Great work once again!
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
:D. Glad you like it...been adding them to all the official cars...screenshots look awesome now.
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Thank you :)